Matthew Bradley Torzillo
April 1992

Dear Parents,

Please know that we are truly sorry that something is wrong with your precious baby. We, too, have felt the tremendous grief and pain you are now experiencing. When I was 36 weeks pregnant, after having a routine ultrasound to see the size of our baby, we were told our baby had anencephaly. We were then told he would die before or at birth.

The next four weeks stood still. I was determined to enjoy my baby's wonderful existence (even if it was to be lived only in my womb) and to grieve his death when the time came. I treasured every kick, every hiccup, every movement. I now have those memories to ease my pain. Matthew was stillborn at full term. We held him, rocked him, took pictures of him, examined every part of him, shared him with our families and basically just loved him.

He was buried at a graveside service in a beautiful white casket covered with baby blue flowers. We have his footprints, blanket and hat. Our hearts were broken, as yours are now. I am so sorry that you have to go through this pain. Please contact us if you need to talk or write. I found and still do find writing a powerful release of emotions.

We are very sorry.


Matthew's mom and dad
Missy & Steve Torzillo